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However, please use a more specific stub type when available, as listed below:

Architecture use {{ architecture-stub}} +
Art books use {{ art-book-stub}}
Art criticism use {{ art-criticism-stub}}
Art history use {{ art-hist-stub}} +
Art historians use {{ art-historian-stub}}
Illuminated manuscripts use {{ manuscript-art-stub}}
Art magazines use {{ art-mag-stub}}
Art movements use {{ art-movement-stub}}
Art museums and galleries stubs use {{ art-display-stub}} United Kingdom use {{ UK-art-display-stub}} United States use {{ US-art-display-stub}}
Art organizations use {{ art-org-stub}}
Art websites use {{ art-website-stub}}
Artists use {{ artist-stub}} +
See sub-categories at Category:artist_stubs
Colors use {{ color-stub}}
Decorative art use {{ decorative-art-stub}}
Ceramic art use {{ ceramics-stub}}
Glass, Wood, Metal use {{ decorative-art-stub}}
Textile art use {{ textile-arts-stub}}
Film use {{ film-stub}}
See sub-categories at Category:Film stubs
Painting use {{ painting-stub}}
Photography use {{ photo-stub}}
Public art use {{ public-art-stub}}
Printmaking use {{ printmaking-stub}}
Sculpture use {{ sculpture-stub}}


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